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What gutter hardware should you avoid

  • Canadian Bar Bracket- this is the cheapest hanger to purchase and it is why it is the most popular with some Maine gutter contractors.
  • Zinc Plated screws- This is the most common gutter screw used for miters, downspouts and hanger screws. Unfortunately with any home 5 miles from the ocean the zinc wears off and the screw will become corrosive inside of 3 years maybe sooner if closer to the ocean. This goes for Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Kennebunk, Brunswick, South Portland, Portland, Scarborough, Wells & York areas. Be on high alert because this should be the most important thing when it comes to the gutter installation. This is one of the leading reasons for gutters bending or falling off homes.

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Our Gutter Bracket.... Why is it better?

Our gutter hanger is made in the USA by a leading gutter manufacture. Their company goes back 75 plus years and they have crafted a gutter bracket that is not just strong but engineered to stop common problems that other brackets have. The hanger is stamped in a way that helps create a cantilever to brace the gutter and stop sagging. The 3 1/2 inch screw is installed at angle to give more hanging strength. The screw is ceramic coated to help with corrosion along with a weep hole design that allows the water to drip into the gutter no back down the screw hole.

When it comes to gutter hardware, GutterPro takes this very seriously. When other gutter contractors across the state of Maine simply just say they are better we prove it with facts and examples. We will help educate you so you can make a educational decision.



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