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GutterPro Inc. was started with the idea of filling a void in the gutter industry to delivering high level of service and expertise to the customer.


A Maine Seamless Gutter Company

GutterPro always has been a Maine gutter contractor. Being a local gutter installer in the Portland Maine area we strive ourself on the being the highest referred gutter contractor. We can make any seamless gutter fit any home so if you have a small leak or a 100 foot stretch of gutter you need installed, we love a challenge so call us with any question you might have.

Seamless Gutter Hardware 
When it comes to seamless gutters Maine can require more from your average gutter. GutterPro does not require our customers to ask for upgrades to better hardware and GutterPro does not Charge extra for higher quailty hardware. All our gutter systems are installed with heavy duty brackets every 12" on center. Our fastners are not zinc plated all of our fastners are stainless steel. You can always expect the best when dealing with a true professional.

How much do gutters cost?
The average new gutter installation in Maine, can range from $800 to $1,200. The average existing gutter repair can range from $100 to $300. We do not have any minimum on our gutter repairs, so if you feel it too minor to call a gutter contractor its not to minor for us. Most seamless gutter contractors in Maine charge between $9 to $15 a foot. GutterPro charges  in the middle on the lower side. We believe our prices are always responsible priced.

Thank you for your Local Support
We can not thank you enough for your local support. It's because of our customers why we are in business and we know a majority of the gutter contractors in Maine are not local they are national companies that sell for less but do not live up to GutterPro's gutter standards. GutterPro knows Maine better because we are from Maine and install our seamless gutters in Maine and only in Maine.

Ice and snow in your gutters?
Welcome to Maine, we have some major ice damn issues with gutters. It's because most gutter contractors or gutter installers in Maine, do not realize that a gutter is made to catch falling water not made to restrict the water. In many cases restricts the ice and snow from falling from the roof. This is a major reason, more home lack a gutter system in Maine. Before we install new seamless gutters on your home we will lay out a gutter diagram of gutter and downspout locations. It is just important to now where all the water will be diverter to.

‚ÄčHow to prevent ice damns?

When looking up information on seamless gutters some residents of Maine may find themselves asking what to do when installing gutters to help lower chances of ice damns. One thing GutterPro will do as a gutter contractor is calculate the roof surface and pitch of roof to figure out the right size gutters, downspouts, pitch of gutter and how many downspouts needed.



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