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MasterSheild vs other gutter covers

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Why did we GutterPro choose MasterShield?

We choose to become a MasterShield dealer after years of trying other gutter covers and always ending in the same place. That place was always where we started looking for a better cover. MasterShield is not for everyone but for the customers that we do offer this product to you couldn't ask for a better experience.

Will this stop Pine Needles?
This is the million dollar question....Well the answer is YES! This is the reason we decided to become Maine's exclusive MasterShield Dealer. All other micro mesh products would fail for two main reasons.

1. Micro mesh was not tight enough to stop pine needles from sticking into the the top of the gutter cover and stop water from filtrating through. It also looked odd like grass growing from the top of the covers.

2. The cover sits flat like a shelve so debris would build up on top of the cover acting like a shield on the cover stoping water from getting into the gutter system.

How does MasterShield work?

Using the angle the of the roof MasterShield acts as an extension of your shingles so the water thinks its going over another shingle so when it hits the marine grade stainless steel it causes a water vortex and it is filtrated through the cover. The cover is fastened only on the gutter and it simply only slides under the shingle. Its low profile design helps make it invisible from the ground.



MasterShield Gutter Protection